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Chocolate orange bars!

Ingredients -

100g icing sugar

100g chocolate digestives biscuits

50g unsalted butter

5 tbsp golden syrup

150g Terry’s chocolate orange

Optional -

50g White chocolate

Orange food colouring

  1. Blend the digestive biscuits into a fine crumb and pour into a bowl.

  2. Melt the butter in the microwave and add to the bowl. Mix to combine.

  3. Add in the icing sugar and mix in.

  4. Add in the golden syrup and mix until the mixture beings to clump together.

  5. Put the biscuit base in a lined 8x8” square dish and flatten down evenly.

  6. Melt 150g of Terry’s chocolate orange and pour on top of the biscuit base. Spread out evenly with a spoon.

  7. If using white chocolate, melt it in the microwave and add the orange food colouring until it reaches the desired colour.

  8. Pour on top of the chocolate and create a marbled effect.

  9. If you like, place slices of chocolate orange on top.

  10. Place the dish in the fridge to set for about an hour.

  11. Once set, cut into squares and serve.

  12. Enjoy!

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